A “Super” Taxi Advertising Campaign In Every Sense Of The Word

Developed in the 1960’s, Supermalt and malt drinks were originally used by the Nigerian Army as a dietary supplement, to re-energise the troops. Supermalt sales spread across Africa and the Caribbean throughout the decade, arriving in the UK in 1978.

Afro-Caribbean migration to the UK during the 1950’s and 1960’s, and the resulting population growth during the 1970’s as they settled and started families, led to Supermalt becoming an integral part of Afro-Caribbean life here and sales soared. Traditional Caribbean fruit and vegetables were often expensive and hard to find, and Supermalt provided a cheap source of B-Vitamins and nutrition.

Supermalt is loved by Afro-Caribbean’s from all generations – mothers often give it to their children from the age of 7 or 8, thus ensuring a natural development of new consumers. Many people talk about how when they were growing up, “Supermalt was ALWAYS in the fridge”.

Black Cab Advertising were delighted that Supermalt decided to use fully wrapped taxis to support the brand in London.

We think it’s a great product, with a great creative execution and works brilliantly as an advertising platform.