Local Taxi Advertising

Richard Knight, Vice Chair of East Berkshire Federation of Small Businesses, recently arranged for local taxi to be skinned in FSB Keep Trade Local colours.

When FSB members turned out in force for the Bracknell Business Expo the freshly skinned taxi rolled up to aid recruitment.

When FSB members rolled out of the local curry house looking for a lift home, the taxi was there to aid retention.

Another excellent initiative on the part of Richard Knight and the FSB.

One FSB member was reported as commenting, “What a jolly good idea. The taxi looks so much brighter with the new livery.” As he arrived at the Bracknell Expo.

Later that same day, the same chap was heard to shout, “We love you Richy we do, we love you Richy 3-2″ as he was returned home to his loving wife after football and a curry ;)

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