A “Super” Taxi Advertising Campaign In Every Sense Of The Word

Developed in the 1960’s, Supermalt and malt drinks were originally used by the Nigerian Army as a dietary supplement, to re-energise the troops. Supermalt sales spread across Africa and the Caribbean throughout the decade, arriving in the UK in 1978.

Afro-Caribbean migration to the UK during the 1950’s and 1960’s, and the resulting population growth during the 1970’s as they settled and started families, led to Supermalt becoming an integral part of Afro-Caribbean life here and sales soared. Traditional Caribbean fruit and vegetables were often expensive and hard to find, and Supermalt provided a cheap source of B-Vitamins and nutrition.

Supermalt is loved by Afro-Caribbean’s from all generations – mothers often give it to their children from the age of 7 or 8, thus ensuring a natural development of new consumers. Many people talk about how when they were growing up, “Supermalt was ALWAYS in the fridge”.

Black Cab Advertising were delighted that Supermalt decided to use fully wrapped taxis to support the brand in London.

We think it’s a great product, with a great creative execution and works brilliantly as an advertising platform.

Hampshire County Council “You Drink, I’ll Drive” Taxi Advertising Campaign

Hampshire County Council asked Focal Point to conduct a “You drink, I’ll drive” advertising campaign on euro taxis and London style black cabs throughout Hampshire.

The campaign will run from 5 December to 2 January taking in the Christmas and new year festivities.

The campaign is in place to encourage drivers to take a cab and not risk driving on Hampshire roads if they have been out celebrating. This is the fourth time this campaign has been run over the festive season. Councillor Woodward is shown in the picture with one of the Black cabs.


Redrow Homes – Taxi Advertising Campaign

Redrow Homes have just renewed their taxi in Leeds for a further 12 month campaign.

The taxi is a full livery and is regularly seen in and around the Leeds city centre. The taxi is promoting the Abode development in Leeds with a range of 2 and 3 bedroom homes”. Black cab advertising is a great way to get the message across in a local town or city and is like a mobile billboard, and offer great value for money.

Full liveries or taxi supersides (both sides) are generally available in most towns and cities.

David Wilson Taxi Advertising Campaign

David Wilson Homes have a massive development on the site of the old Battle Hospital in Reading. The front entrance to the hospital used to be off the Oxford Road and the old entrance is a protected building so the entrance to the development has to be from Portman Road which can be accessed from the Tilehurst end of the Oxford Road or through the business estate in Richfield Avenue.

David Wilson do have issues with local people saying they did not know the development is there – hard to believe when you think that it is on the same site as a Tesco Extra – massive Tesco store – and a Tesco petrol station forecourt. There are countless banners, flags and posters on the entrance to the development which is a shared entrance with Tesco. There are also countless posters right outside the main entrance to Tesco so everyone who enters or exits the store will see the posters.

Anyway, David Wilson Homes took this information on board – ran a 4 week campaign on petrol pump nozzles at the Tesco forecourt for period 20 August to 16 September and again for the period 15 October to 11 November. They also booked a superside campaign on 10 London style cabs from the Reading taxi ranks. There are a total of 150 London Style cabs in Reading so to take 10 does give a fair amount of prominence. They have also booked tip up seats inside the cabs to give an extra push to fare paying passengers

David Wilson Homes have also conducted a bus campaign on rears and streetliners on 15 buses from the reading depot. No one can say that they are not promoting the site.


Local Taxi Advertising

Richard Knight, Vice Chair of East Berkshire Federation of Small Businesses, recently arranged for local taxi to be skinned in FSB Keep Trade Local colours.

When FSB members turned out in force for the Bracknell Business Expo the freshly skinned taxi rolled up to aid recruitment.

When FSB members rolled out of the local curry house looking for a lift home, the taxi was there to aid retention.

Another excellent initiative on the part of Richard Knight and the FSB.

One FSB member was reported as commenting, “What a jolly good idea. The taxi looks so much brighter with the new livery.” As he arrived at the Bracknell Expo.

Later that same day, the same chap was heard to shout, “We love you Richy we do, we love you Richy 3-2″ as he was returned home to his loving wife after football and a curry ;)

If you’d like to know more about how taxi advertising can help your business then give us a call on 01256 767837.



Hotel Promotion On A Taxi

Jurys Inn – Sheffield

Jurys Inn is one of the fastest growing hotel chains in the UK. In this current economic environment their offering of high quality, value for money makes perfect commercial sense. The Sheffield hotel is the first to feature their new interior styling.

As part of their significant outdoor campaign, taxis have played a major part in extending the campaign beyond the “opening”. The hotel chain booked a fleet of 15 taxis with supasides, seats and rear windows to operate in the city centre for an initial three month period. The combination of the exterior and interior advertising offers the perfect way of achieving visibility in the city centre, but also the added benefit of reaching the taxi user as they sit in the taxi for on average 15 minutes.

Don’t forget the value of the taxi driver. With direct access to c60 customers per day, they are in effect an extension to the advertising campaign in offering customers advice on where to stay.

Sheffield has a fleet of over 300 taxis, and is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK. Taxis operate from the Mainline Station and from a series of ranks within the city centre.

Richard Knight and Focal Point Advertising celebrate 25 years

Richard Knight and Focal Point Advertising celebrate 25 years of supplying advertising solutions to all types of businesses – large and small – across the UK.

From small beginnings in 1987 where the business started selling graphic adverts on TV screens sited at point of sale in convenience stores to now supplying over 50 services in the outdoor and out of home industry. Back in 1987 selling graphic ads, Richard was heard to say on numerous occasions, “this time next week Rodney… You fill in the rest. Graphic ads were new and exciting and basic! As you can imagine technology was very basic compared to what it is today. The problem was that the company that backed Focal Points activities went down the pan in 1989 owing several million, and left Richard and his then business partner Barry wondering what to do, and fortunately a customer they had sold to- Alder Valley Bus Company – asked if Focal Point wanted to sell some 4 sheet poster space and Guildford and Aldershot Bus stations. “What is a 4 sheet”, Richard said.

Anyway a rapid learning curve over a short period of time taught Richard and Barry all they needed to know about the “outdoor” advertising industry as it was then. There were literally a handful of opportunities back in 1989 and in the last few years that handful of advertising opportunities has grown to over 50 with around 500 suppliers and Focal Point have grown as the industry has grown, and are now able to offer a comprehensive “one stop shop” solution to anything that comes under the “outdoor” and “Out of home” sector. This could be traditional forms of advertising such as billboards, bus shelters, taxis, stations and the London Underground to some more non-traditional forms of advertising such as sandwich bags, beermats, washroom posters, petrol pump nozzles and some very innovative solutions.

So if you are looking for some ideas to help you promote your business, why not give Richard a call. You know he has the experience and you know he will have a solution to help you. He can be contacted on 01256 767837 or by email on richard@focal.co.uk

Taxi Advertising Farnborough Air Show 2010

We are delighted that for the second consecutive Air Show taxis has formed part of the Farnborough Air Show marketing package. For one month leading up to the show there will be 10 taxis running around the town promoting the town’s biggest bi annual event. The drivers will also be distributing leaflets to passengers which hopefully will lead to additional ticket sales. In addition, during the show the branded taxis will be used to take VIP’s to and from the show. All in all we are sure it will be a successful campaign.

Taxi Advertising Package for Village Hotels

Village Hotels – Farnborough

The Village Hotel opening in Farnborough in March is the most recent of the company’s plans in 2009, Solihull and Bristol will follow later in the year.

The Village offers a combination of superb business and leisure facilities in a contemporary environment, and at excellent prices. Their taxi advertising package consist of a series of taxis running around Farnborough and Aldershot town centres, with a series of different supaside advertisements, featuring the various hotel offerings, including the gymnasium, restaurant and business offerings.

The good news for the client is that in Rushmoor a relatively small quantity of taxis will be ideal in giving excellent city centre coverage.

There are in the region of 100 taxis serving the Farnborough/Aldershot region. The town is home to many large companies, and taxis have long been part of the advertising scene.